Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice – The Video

Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice – The Video


This is now available in a Spanish version

This is a 50 minute live recording of the presentation Dr. Holley has given hundreds of times for church and community groups all over America. It is also an excellent companion piece for the book, Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice, illustrating many of the concepts from that book in an easily understood format.

This presentation includes basic information about methamphetamine, its chemical origin, appearance and manufacture. We discuss the stages of addiction and modes of use, and how methamphetamine impacts the brain, personality, and behavior of the addict. Numerous brain scans and images are used, and there are many graphic photos.

Risk factors for addiction, peer pressure, the physical effects of addiction – sores, and decaying teeth, and impact on children, including the unborn children of the pregnant user are all discussed. Cultural risk factors are also addressed, including the Godless culture in which we live and its effect on drug addiction.

The audience is then brought to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing and redemption. A typical audience includes at least 10% current and recent methamphetamine addicts. We discuss the power of Jesus Christ in battling temptation, growing closer to Him and taking on His character. Tough love is also discussed in detail to help parents with this agonizing time in their lives.

Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice – The Video closes with a call to arms. The Body of Christ is not helpless against methamphetamine.

Appropriate for community event, church youth group and Sunday school settings for both youth and adults. Should not be seen by children under age 8.

Available in VHS and DVD
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