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Mothers Against Methamphetamine believes strongly in the power of knowledge to prevent drug addiction. Many of the addicts we deal with in the prisons tell us, "If I had known what that stuff was going to do to me, I would never have used it." We believe that if our nation's school kids could see the devastation and brain damage caused by meth in a way they can understand, they would chose not to use.

Your school sponsorship provides our video and printed information to be used in your local schools for the education of your local students. Each addiction prevented saves your community the loss of a citizen, parent, and productive employee, the cost of incarceration and law enforcement, and the excess demands on your local medical and rehabilitation services. Each addiction prevented improves the quality of life in your community.

School sponsorships are $1000 (including shipping) and include one institutional lisence for our video The High is a Lie, 2000 High is a Lie pamphlets, and 500 Meth Death booklets, plus a teachers guide with reproducible handouts. A gift card reflecting your donation will be included, and your donation is tax deductible.

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