Kids REACT to Drugs Booklet



Engagingly written by Dr. Holley’s 11 year old daughter Bonnie, this booklet is designed for the 3rd through 5th grade student in the public school setting. It chronicles the typical day for a healthy girl and her cat as they make positive choices and decisions. It also illustrates the results of poor decisions regarding cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs, especially methamphetamine. The basic chemistry of meth is described [ it is made out of poisons] as well as the basic biochemistry of the drug [ it makes holes in your brain] in terms an elementary aged child can understand. The book is fully illustrated in vivid color, including easily understood brain scans, graphic pictures of addicts, and the continued antics of Bonnie and her cat. Paw prints on each page invite the young reader to continue with the story, with the reward of a happy purring cat at the end.

You can download the lesson plan for this booklet here.

This 32 page booklet is available for $1 per copy, or $40 per 50 copies.

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