Peace In Your Home

A guide for family members of addicts. Learn how to interact with your addicted family member in a constructive way. Understand how methamphetamine has changed your loved one’s personality and what you can do and say that may bring him of her to the point of accepting help for their addiction. Peace in Your Home includes sections on Addiction, Relapse, Recovery, Denial, Fear and Anxiety, Self Image, Guilt, Communication, Setting Boundaries, Dealing with Anger, Grief, Forgiveness, Tough love on the Telephone, How to Pray for Your Addicted loved one, Spiritual Warfare, and the Twelve Steps for Family Members.

Peace in Your Home includes chapters on parent child relationships, addiction in a marriage, and sibling relationships. It guides you in discerning how to help your addicted loved one and when to step aside and let the chips fall where they will. Your loved one will be challenged to conduct his own affairs without depending on you to solve all his or her problems.

Peace in Your Home can be used in both a group setting and individually. It includes prompts for group discussion and suggestions for journaling your experiences with your addicted loved one.

Peace in Your Home is available for $5.95 for a single copy, or in bulk $40 for 10 copies.

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