Crystal Meth: They Call It Ice: Lot of 10 (30% Discount)


By: Mary F. Holley, M.D.
Tate Publishing
425 pages, hard back

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In this book I have provided a comprehensive description of what methamphetamine is, how it works, and why it is so destructive to the lives of our children. I have included a full color photo section with pictures of addicts and the destruction meth has caused, pictures of the drug itself and related paraphernalia, laboratory sites and the chemicals used, fires and explosions, law enforcement drug busts, and the clean up of the chemicals after a bust.

The book starts with the story of my brother Jim and his battle against the addiction that ultimately took his life. I summarize the history of methamphetamine from its development in Japan to its wild fire spread across the United States, the environmental impact of meth labs, the demographics of addiction, and the community impact of methamphetamine in this nation.

I have an extensive discussion of the biochemistry of this drug and how it relates to the behavioral and personality changes seen in addicts. The significance of the brain damage caused by meth is emphasized, with sections on the effects of meth on the rest of the body and on the unborn child of the pregnant user.

I cover the risk factors for addiction with emphasis on the culture we find ourselves surrounded by. The widespread use of alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana provides a social and biochemical backdrop for methamphetamine addiction.

There are also interactions with medical conditions such as ADHD, manic depressive or bipolar disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder which biochemically [predispose to methamphetamine addiction and make recovery more difficult.

Social risk factors such as peer pressure, the alcoholic home, broken homes, and loss of discipline in the home and school are discussed at length. The underlying disrespect for God that is so prominent in our culture is addressed as a cause of drug addiction.

I have an extensive section on dealing with the addict, helping him and his family find help and hope. I also issue a challenge to the church to be more active in the fight against this drug. Methamphetamine addiction is not just a law enforcement or an educational problem. It is primarily a spiritual problem, and the faith community has much to offer in fighting this drug.

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This book explores the power of a meaningful relationship with God to heal an addict and restore him to sanity. It brings both the addict and his family to the cross of Jesus Christ for forgiveness and healing. The fully recovered addict will be a very powerful Christian, able to reach others with His mercy and compassion. The church is also challenged to receive these people, nurture them, and equip them to minister to others.

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