New Testament Only Life Recovery Bible


This 12 step Bible was written for the rehabilitation community. It is a
New Living Translation of the New Testament and includes sidebars and
footnotes correlating scripture with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
and Narcotics Anonymous.

I have been distributing these Bibles in the Marshal County jails and
rehabilitation centers for the past several years. Inmates are eager to
get them and study them. Every time I go into the jail, some one will show
me the Bible I gave him 2 months ago, all dog eared and underlined.

Mothers now distributes these Bibles for a donation of $10 + shipping and
handling for the New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms . This is a 20%
discount off of suggested retail prices.

We recommend that you use them in your counseling and outreach efforts,
support groups, and prayer groups.

Recovery from addiction requires a good solid Bible study, and this Bible
provides an understandable and comprehensive study of the Bible as it
relates to addiction and recovery.

The New Living Translation is easy to understand and at the same time
faithful to the text.

This Bible includes Recovery notes, 12 step devotionals, Recovery profiles
of numerous characters from the Bible, and reflections of the Serenity

The Bible has a lot to say about addiction and recovery, the 12 steps, and
Serenity. God has dealt with a lot of broken people over the years, and He
can handle addiction, too.

The study of the Word of God draws up closer to Him as we pray. He speaks
to us in His word.

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