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Includes 50-page Study Guide(also available in Spanish)

Now Available in Spanish Power Over Addiction Study Guide

The Power Over Addiction video is a 2 hour presentation by Dr Holley that is primarily intended for use in rehabilitation centers and in jail ministries. It is also appropriate for individuals who struggle with drug addiction.

The accompanying Power Over Addiction Study Guide summarizes the material covered in the video, with space for student interaction and questions for reflection.

Similar courses are marketed to rehabilitation professionals for hundreds of dollars. We have made this course available for $34.95 so that any family or individual can afford it.

The first 60 minutes are a crash course in brain physiology, and the biochemistry of drug addiction. The second 60 minutes includes strategies for defeating addiction and a comprehensive discussion of the power of Jesus Christ over addiction.

Drug addiction is a major life controlling problem that has deep emotional and spiritual ramifications. You canít put a band-aid on addiction and expect it to heal. It has to be healed from the inside out. Emotional and spiritual issues that are not dealt with will contribute to relapse.

This course is not by itself adequate treatment for addiction. Every addict needs and deserves professional counseling that deals with his specific problems that contribute to and result from his addiction.

The most important thing this tape communicates to the addict is HOPE. It is not impossible to recover from addiction to methamphetamine. It will challenge all of his resources, it will demand his complete dedication and life long perseverance. But it is not impossible to recover from this addiction.

All of these materials are Copyright of Mothers Against Methamphetamine and aren't to be copied without express written consent from Mothers Against Methamphetamine. Its is a federal crime to copy these materials without permission and could face Federal charges.

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