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Revised and updated 2008 Both Classroom Edition and Adult Version on ONE DVD Same Low Price

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Now available in a Spanish Version.

The High is a Lie video is a 36 minute video by Mary F Holley MD for the public school and workplace that teaches the effects of methamphetamine on the human brain. Designed for students age 10 and up, this video includes current research, brain scans and diagrams that illustrate how methamphetamine injures brain structures, causing personality changes and damaged relationships.

The High is a Lie also includes footage of an actual addict, a young man named Jim, who is seen struggling with the effects Methamphetamine has had on his life. He relates his memory loss, hallucinations, and the power methamphetmaine addiction has over him. Jim took his life under the influence of methamphetamine on the Fourth of July 2000.

The adult version of The High is a Lie contains some adult themes. It discusses the effect of methamphetamine on sexual functioning, including the impotence experienced by many addicts. It is tastefully done, but is not appropriate for all ages. A Classroom Edition is available for younger viewers that omits these themes. It is 36 minutes in length to allow more time for classroom discussion. Both versions are on a single DVD for $34.95. Similar educational videos are available for $120 or more. We feel that this up-to-date and professionally done video represents an excellentvalue.

Trailer for the High is a Lie video is now available. This is a large file (13.6 MB). Please be patient as downloading may take a considerable amount of time.

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