Speaker Training Kit


We at Mothers Against Methamphetamine would like to equip you to give quality educational presentations in your community about the effects of methamphetamine on the brain and personality of the user. These materials equip you to give presentations in churches and community events that lead people to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing and restoration.

We have prepared a Basic Speakers Training Kit ($20) with:

  1. A presentation manual/Instructor's guide
  2. Four sample power point presentations - one for a general audience, one for inmates / addicts, one for high schools, and one for church groups
  3. A collection of over 200 pictures and an animation of neurotransmission to allow you to produce a quality presentation.
  4. A commercial that can be used as a PSA

Your presentation should incorporate your own experience with addiction, either the loss of a loved one, or your own battle with addiction.

The Basic Speaker kit is available with a copy of the book Crystal Meth They Call it Ice and the video of Dr. Holley's presentation for a general audience at additional charge.


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Speaker Training

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