MAMa Testimonials

Testimonials of your experience with the saving grace of Jesus Christ and His power over your addiction are welcome at our site, and may be published on this web site on a rotating basis.

Please e-mail your testimony in 400 words or less to us.
Also read some of the beauteful poems we have been sent, here.

"Before Jesus . . . Afte Jesus :

Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest Ms. Harris.” As one of the police officers flashed my mug shot, I heard myself saying, “That’s not me!  I know she looks like me, but I’m telling you - that is not me!”  I’d been living a lie for so long; it was second nature to me. When it came to the police, my motto had been, “Catch me if you can!”  . ... " [ Read More ]


"I am a believer :

I'm a believer in Jesus Christ who has been delivered from addiction to
methamphetamines. My name is Michelle, I am a single mom of an eight
year old daughter. ... " [ Read More ]

"A True Story:


"Help Build A Train Against Meth

Close your eyes and bring to your mind the most precious gifts of life your heart and soul beholds: your job, your home, your friends, and the most precious gift that life gives you, your husband, family, friends, and your precious children. , ... " [ Read More ]

"This is a my storie, A recovering addict ready to live,

In late 1999, I was at an all time low. I was working round the clock with very little time for food or sleep when I was introduced to this demond. I felt like I could conquor the world. Then in three short months I lost everything. My house, my juob, my life, and most of all my two kids, ... " [ Read More ]

"A Story of Hope,

I grew up in Blaine, MN and came from an abusive background. As a young child in elementary school, I was constantly picked on, pushed down, spit at, chased home every day, teased, harassed, ... " [ Read More ]

"Hello everyone,

I had an addiction to crystal methampethamine which spanned 7 years, on and off. I was doing about a gram a day at the worst points. At times it got to the point where I was fighting very hard just to keep my sanity. I would see..." [ Read More ]

"Hi MaMa's everywhere....

I want to first let you all know that there is hope and deliverance from this powerful and deceptive drug!! I have been clean from it for 18 1/2 years. I was raised on speed, perscription diet pills from the time I was in 4th grade. My mother, bless her heart, didn't want an over weight daughter. When I grew up ..." [ Read More ]

"Hi MAMa,

I found your site by accident, and was interested in it's material. I myself
am a recovering addict. I have been clean for 6 years, like your brother I
tried meth to try and impress my significant other. After that first time I
was hooked. I loved the feeling of immortality, the overwhelming confidence
and my "new" body." [ Read More ]

A Mother's Testimony

"Hi Mary,

I write this to you because the day I found Jesus, I truly believe satan tried to steal, kill and destroy all that Jesus meant for my family, especially DJ to do for the kingdom of God.....he has not suceeded....this is just the beginning." [ Read More ]

"Dear Mama,

I am a former meth addict. I've been clean for almost a year thanks to Jesus who turned my life around when I got arrested over in Honolulu last June. I was on a collision course of self destruction and it ended abruptly when I landed in federal prison for 3 months leaving three small children behind in California." [ Read More ]

"Dear Dr. Holley; My story is a hard lesson.

My run with drugs started in high school during 1975. The smoking of pot was just for fun. My life was always on the up and go. There really wasn't no fear on anything. It seems I was never in trouble and I seemed to have the right answer for anything." [ Read More ]

"My name is Jason. I am a 30 year old male. I am not proud of anything I have done in my past. I am proud to say, by the amazing Grace of God, that I am a changed man today. I am Redeemed.

I was about 15 years old when I first had contact with drugs. I first started off growing Pot and selling it to make some extra money. About 5 years later I was introduced to Crystal Meth." [ Read More ]

"Hi my name is Herb. Funny name for an addict, isnít it.

God Bless to all the addicts and alcoholics, and to those who are involved. My name is Herb and by the grace of God, I can say I have been clean and sober going on ten years now. I am 47 yrs. old and have found a never ending relationship with Jesus Christ. ." [ Read More ]

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