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More information can be found in Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice.

What can we do about the spread of methamphetamine in this nation?

We also have to be alert to drug related activity in our own neighborhoods and schools. For more on that issue, see the article, "I have reported the meth lab across the street to the police a dozen times and nobody is doing anything about it. Do the police even care?"

But you don't have to have a badge on your shirt in order to do something about the methamphetamine problem. There are three levels of activity in which every citizen can have an impact on the drug problem in your community.

1. First is the area of prevention. Good realistic drug education can prevent people from using methamphetamine in the first place. We have provided literature and a video for the public school or workplace setting to use to educate teens and adults about the brain damage caused by meth. We have a pamphlet "The High is a Lie" that covers the basics of methamphetamine and we have a booklet "Meth Death" that covers methamphetamine in more detail, including personality changes, brain damage, and addiction.

We also have a video for the public school setting "The High is a Lie" that graphically illustrates the brain damage caused by meth. Dr. Holley explaines how methamphetamine changes the way the brain works, how it causes hallucinations, depression and anxiety. This video also has home video footage of an addict, Dr. Hollley's brother Jim, taken about six months before he died. In it he is talking 'out of his head,' describing the factors that led up to his use of methamphetamine and the impact it has had on his life. Dr. Holley explains how meth causes hallucinations, and then Jim has an hallucination and describes it in graphic detail. Dr. Holley describes how methamphetamine is addictive with its first use, and Jim Says, "Man, I'll never get back what I lost that night." The video closes with a scene in which Dr. Holley is placing flowers on Jim's grave with the explanation that Jim committed suicide on the Forth of July 2000.

This video comes with a teachers guide and lesson plans geared for the 9th grade health class, but can be used from 6th to 12th grade. These materials are also useful in the adult setting. Many corporations use our literature to educate their workforce about the brain damage associated with methamphetamine.

You can make these materials available to your school or workplace, youth group or community event. The High is a Lie video is often shown on public access television stations and in theaters. We give permission for such use to any interested agency. We ask that you do not copy our video.

2. The second level of intervention is with the addict himself, and is usually carried out in the local county or city jail setting. Most addicts won't admit they have a problem until they have been in jail for a while. They usually think methamphetamine is the greatest drug on earth. They think they are in perfect control over the situation, and they get defensive whenever their drug use is questioned or challenged. They won't admit they have a problem until their drug use starts causing them some pain. That usually happens in the county jail.

We provide literature and a video for the prison chaplain or lay jail minister to use in both group drug education classes and individual counseling with inmates. Prison based drug rehabilitation units and drug education classes use our "Power Over Addiction" video and study guide. The booklet "Red Devil Lye" is used for outreach to incoming inmates to interest them in attending drug education classes. Our pamphlet series is also used in the jail or prison setting.

Our materials are provided free to prison and jail ministries, and we welcome donations to help us continue this effort. Most of the 'drug rehabilitation' done in this nation is not done by professionals. It is done by local jail chaplains with training in substance abuse counseling and no budget for materials. You can help by supporting this ministry.

3. The third level of intervention is with the parents and family members of addicts, especially the mothers of addicts, which is how we got our name, Mothers Against Methamphetamine. If family members of addicts know how to handle the situation, their addicted children have a much better chance of survival.

Many of our chapters sponsor support groups for the families of addicts to help them recognize patterns of behavior in their addicted children. They learn how to cope with the lies and manipulation by their addicted family members, how to stand up to them and insist on responsible behavior.

They also learn how to recognize destructive habits in themselves that encourage their children to keep using. I met a man once who used methamphetamine for years, until his mother died. After she died and there was no one to bail him out of jail anymore, he quit using and went back home to his wife and family. There was no reason to quit as long as he could count on his mother for $100 when ever he needed it.

Mothers' chapters put special emphasis on prayer for the addict. It is important for the family members to learn how to pray, what to pray for, and how to take courage in their prayers. You can't talk to your addicted kid. He can't hear a word you say to him. But he can hear the Holy Spirit. Every time you pray for your addicted child, the Holy Spirit speaks into his heart, and he understands exactly what the Spirit of God is saying to him.

For more information on forming a chapter of Mothers Against Methamphetamine in your area, click on the Chapter area and request a chapter handbook.

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