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More information can be found in Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice.

What different kinds of methamphetamine are available and how do they differ?

Differentiation between types of methamphetamine usually involve differences in purity. Most home-made labs turn out small volumes of poor quality crystal to be used by the cook and his friends. Home-made methamphetamine is usually only about 40% pure. Often, it is not really methamphetamine they are making, but one of the precursors or byproducts, some of which are more toxic than meth itself. The impurities are filtered out with a coffee filter, which does not do a very good job. Home-made meth might be yellow, red, green, or brown depending on the recipe and filtering equipment used, and on how much of a hurry the cook was in. Common impurities are lead, boron, and mercury, which are themselves poisonous.

"Ice" is 'crystalline methamphetamine hydrochloride,' and can be smoked or injected intravenously, whereas plain methamphetamine powder is snorted or taken orally. The ice form of the drug gives a more intense high, or "rush," than the powder form of the drug. It is many times more addictive than the methamphetamine powder available in the 1960s and 70s. Methamphetamine powder is frequently cut or diluted with other substances, but ice crystals are usually pure drug, which is much more potent. The high is longer lasting than with either cocaine or methamphetamine powder.

Methamphetamine can also come in a liquid form, with the appeance of motor oil or tea. It has been found smuggled in bottles labeled as Mexican tequila. Iiquid methamphetamine is smoked or injected directly, or can be processed into Ice with a simple chemical reaction. It is just as potent as Ice.

Recently methamphetamine has been found that is flavored and colored to resemble "pop rocks" candy. Most commonly it is pink and is flavored with strawberry though many other flavors have been found, including chocolate, cola, cherry, and orange. It is often disolved in Gatorade or other enegy drinks, and often those eating it do not know they are using an addictive drug. Children should be cautioned not to accept candy, even from a friend. Your child's friend may not know that the candy he got from an upper classman is not really candy.

Dr. Mary F. Holley, M.D.

Strawberry Meth, sweetened and flavored to taste like candy.

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