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More information can be found in Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice.

How can I find a rehabilitation center for my loved one?

If your addicted loved one has agreed to get help, the next step is to find an acceptable program and get him enrolled. We have links to many reputable referral sources, and there are chapters of Crystal Meth Anonymous [CMA] and Narcotics Anonymous [NA] in many areas. Many private counselors offer drug abuse counseling for outpatients, and not every addict requires in-patient care for their addiction.

Rehabilitation Center Referrals


Offers crisis counseling and referral to Christian and holistic secular rehabilitation programs and counselors nationwide. 877 562-2565 X 101 for placement specialist.
Directory of Member Rescue Missions Has listings of rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and missions nationwide.
Christian Recovery - Information-Help-Support Has a national directory of Christian recovery programs.
Drug Rehab Programs National directory of rehabilitation centers.
Teen Challenge This is a national organization of Christian rehabilitation centers that accepts people of all ages with drug and alcohol addictions of all types.
SAMHSA This is the government referal source for all certified secular rehabilitation programs.
NA While NA is not Christian and does not use the Bible as authoritative text, many NA chapters are very helpful for recovery

Only 6% of methamphetamine addicts are able to get off this drug without any help. Sheer will-power is not enough. Rehabilitation will teach the addict many skills to help him stay clean. They will teach him how to live without the drug he has come to depend on. They will show him how to avoid relapse and what to do if he does relapse. This is a life long struggle and it will require every mental, emotional and spiritual resource he has. Addicts completing 12 month programs that are faithbased have 85-90% sucess rates getting off methamphetamine.

But no rehabilitation center can make your addicted loved one get clean against his will. The addict has to be motivated to get well. He won't quit using until he is really ready to quit using. Even a lengthy prison term cannot force an addict to quit using. He has to want to get clean so bad that he is willing to go though the prolonged 12 to 18 months of withdrawal and healing, depression and anxiety, scatterbrained thoughts and poor memory as his brain slowly heals from the effects of methamphetamine. It is not easy.

A methamphetamine addict has to break off the relationships that tempt him to use again. He has to avoid the old friends, the old neighborhoods and get a different job. He has to hang up on the dealers and party friends who call and come around with another hit. He has to develop new relationships that help him stay clean, and that's scary. He's never hung around with people like that. He's afraid they won't accept him.

Building a new identity as an ex-user is a major job and has to be done in a supportive environment. A church group, CMA, or NA group is a major factor in recovery from drug addiction. The presence of others people who have been through this hell and come out on the other side gives him hope that he really can recover and be a good parent to his kids, keep a good job, and have a good life. He has to be motivated and he has to have follow-up and support.

But mostly he needs to have hope. Any addict can recover if he really wanst to. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how much brain damage he has, as long as he is alive there is hope.

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