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We get many questions here at Mothers Against Methamphetamine. The most common questions are addressed on these pages. More complete explanations can be found in Dr. Holley's Book, Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice published by Tate Publishing in 2005. You can order it here.

  1. How can I tell if my loved one is using methamphetamine?

  2. What can I do to get my loved one to quit using methamphetamine?

  3. How can I find a rehabilitation center for my loved one?

  4. My child had ADHD as a child. Did the Ritalin he took cause him to be addicted to methamphetamine?

  5. Iíve adopted a child who was exposed to methamphetamine in utero. What problems can I expect as a result of that exposure?

  6. What different kinds of methamphetamine are available and how do they differ?

  7. I have reported the meth lab across the street to the police a dozen times and nobody is doing anything about it. Do the police even care?

  8. How does methamphetamine cause brain damage? Can it ever heal?

  9. What can we do about the spread of methamphetamine in this nation?

  10. How long does it take for a user to become addicted?

  11. What is the connection between pain pills and meth use?

  12. What are the effects of meth on the rest of the body

  13. What do they do in rehabilitation to help addicts stay clean?

  14. What are the medical complications from using methamphetamine?

  15. What mental illnesses are caused by methamphetamine?

  16. There was a meth lab in my house before we moved here. What are the risks to me and my family?

  17. My daughter is using meth and I am concerned about my 4 year old grandson.
    What can I do to make sure he is safe?

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