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No Excuses is a Native American effort to educate against Methamphetamine use among the tribes all across North America. Their graphics are powerful and effective in communicating with native peoples.
Outreach Services
Methamphetamine Addiction and Treatment Offers referral services for methamphetamine addiction in Canada and the United states.
U.S. Department of Justice broadcasts covering important issues facing our nation's communities today.
Sonrise House has a broad range of educational materials related to drug and alcohol abuse
Hazelden is an excellent resource for drug education and rehabilitation resources.
Pure Word Ministries -
Youth Against Meth - website created by a teenager concerned about drug use
Government resource - site for meth information, facts, and other drug resources -
Meth Madness -
Faces and Voices of Recovery -
National Institute on Drug Abuse -
National Clearinghouse For Alcohol and Drug Information -
Healthfinder - Dept Health and Human Services -
WebMDHealth -
Parents Helping Parents -
Decontaminating, cleaning, removal and lawful disposal of materials related to meth labs -
North Georgia Meth Education -
Montana Meth Project -
Partnership for a Drug Free America -
Dad's Against Drug Addiction -
The Lighthouse Network - offers crisis intervention and referral toChristian and competent secular rehabilitation programs and counselors.
Phone number is 1-877-562-2565.
All Positive Options - A rich resource of the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information about addiction and recovery. Our site is updated on a continual basis, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
AllTreatment researched the medical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, detailing information about the psychological and physical effects of alcohol addiction... -

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