Blueprint for establishing a MAMa ministry in your area.

Blueprint for establishing a MAMa ministry in your area.

Even a small organization can facilitate an effective Christian drug education effort in your community. We will provide you with starting materials and literature, and we will provide followup to anyone from your community requesting materials or literature from us. We need your help to spread the word about the dangers of methamphetamine addiction in your community.

Mothers chapters are very vocal and creative in their community outreach. Any community event is an opportunity to provide literature to your neighbors and local officials. We recommend distribution of pamphlets and booklets to local businesses and agencies that deal with addicted individuals. Mothers Against Methamphetamine publishes a variety of pamphlets for drug education. Many of our pamphlets and booklets lead people to Jesus Christ for healing and restoration. We also offer pamphlets and booklets that are suitable for a secular setting including schools, police departments, government offices, and personnel departments of large companies.

Possible targets include:

  • Physician’s offices, hospital emergency rooms, walk in clinics, and pharmacies
  • Courthouses, welfare offices, probation departments, child protection offices
  • Local jails, police departments, jail bond offices, jail ministerial associations
  • Homeless shelters, halfway houses, thrift shops, pawn shops, and truck stops
  • Rehabilitation centers, methadone clinics, and mental health agencies
  • Public and private schools, junior colleges, GED classes, and universities

Mothers Against Methamphetamine also produces video resources for community education. These videos can be broadcast on public access television stations and in large group settings. They can also be used in classroom settings for students, employees, and parent groups. Both Christian and secular videos are available. Our chapters also have access to professionally done Public Service Announcements for community education.

Communities facing a serious problem with methamphetamine are looking for accurate information about this drug and its effects on the personalities of addicts and impact on families. Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine offers an abundance of resources for your community to combat this problem.

For information on setting up a Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine chapter in your area, contact 498-6262 and sign up.

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