Speak Out

The goal of Mothers Against Methamphetamine is to teach your community about methamphetamine and other drugs, their effects on the brain, the personality and relationship of the user and it impact upon families and children. You can be trained to speak for our organization by the use of our Speakerís Kit. It may be ordered from our website, or by calling our office 1-866-293-8901.

This kit will equip you to be an effective voice for Mothers Against Methamphetamine and for Jesus Christ in your community. The kit will guide you in preparing and presenting the information that is contained in the book, Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice, and the video by the same name.

We have secular and faith-based material. Your target audience should be your local schools using High Is A Lie, churches, church groups including youth, service and professional organizations. Many speakers are EMTís, nurses, teachers, law enforcement officers, counselors and others.

We also invite you to form a chapter of Mothers Against Methamphetamine. Contact the National MAMa Office at 256-498-6262 .

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