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Calming The Storm: The Power Of Jesus Christ Over Addiction Church Ambassador Program

See our 7 minute video "Calming The Storm: The Power Of Jesus Christ Over Addiction"

Your church can be a powerful force against methamphetamine addiction, leading addicts to the cross of Jesus Christ for deliverance and restoration. As a Mothers Against Methamphetamine Church Ambassador, you can present this video to your pastor and then to your congregation.

We will supply you with the 7 minute DVD "Calming The Storm: The Power of Jesus Christ Over Addiction" along with posters, reply cards and response envelopes. Your part is to describe in two or three minutes the impact Mothers Against Methamphetamine has had in your life, your family, or your community. Challenge your church to support this ministry and its outreach to addicts all over the nation.

Lives are being changed by the power of Jesus Christ. You can participate in the work of His Spirit among addicts and their families in your community and around the nation. Please join us as a church ambassador today.

Yes, I would like to participate in the Mothers Against Methamphetamine Church Ambassador Program. Send me a kit for for a church.

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