Growing Up Healthy A Children’s Activity Book

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Stacy pulled out the bottle and when she opened the top, it smelled funny. Mia knew what that was, it was alcohol and Mia said "NO!".

By Dr. Reginea Garrett and Dr. Mary Holley

Growing Up Healthy: A Children Activity Book was created to help teachers and parents communicate the dangers of drug abuse to small children. Written by an experienced teacher and a physician, it brings the power of play and the wisdom of the storyteller to make the dangers of drug abuse and addiction understandable to young minds.

Our children are confronted with drugs and alcohol at earlier and earlier ages. They make up their minds about drugs and alcohol long before adolescence and it is never too early to give them accurate, age appropriate information to prepare them for the world ahead.

Growing Up Healthy weaves together stories, pictures, and hands on activities that even pre-readers can enjoy. Designed for ages 3 and up, it is engaging, thoughtful, and inspiring.. Richly illustrated, it lets children see, hear, say and do, as they learn. Children can participate in the story, offering their opinions as to what the characters ought to do, and see the results of bad decision making.

For us by both Christian and Secular groups, Growing Up Health is fun and entertaining for kids of all ages, but especially for our youngest children as they try to understand the world around them.

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