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The mission of Mothers Against Methamphetamine is to glorify God by providing competent and compassionate drug education and rehabilitation resources that reflect the mercy of Jesus Christ for the addict, his family, and the community. To provide scientifically accurate and culturaly relevent drug education and prevention resources to the entire communitiy including those at risk for educational and occupational failure, family disintegration, and life threatening infectious disease due to exposure to methamphetamine.

others Against Meth-Amphetamine was started in 2002 by Dr. Mary F. Holley to distribute the literature she has written to educate the public about methamphetamine and other drugs. All of our pamphlets and booklets were written by her, initially as a series of editorials that appeared in the local newspapers in Arab and Albertville Alabama. Each one incorporated an invitation to experience the healing power of Jesus Christ to defeat addiction. They were refined and reprinted as the pamphlets you see on this site.

As her work appeared in the paper, she was asked to teach drug education classes for juvenile probation, mental health, and the county and city jails. People called asking for help and information, and the course content became more comprehensive, to include all the drugs of abuse, including cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy.

Three booklets have been generated from this information. One aimed at the addict or inmate that focuses on methamphetamine is called Red Devil Lye. Another intended for public school use is called Meth Death. The third is directed at high school and junior high youth groups in church settings and includes a Christ centered approach to resisting and recovering from addiction. This one is called Don't Monkey Around with Drugs.

Dr. Holley’s full course is published as the workbook and videotape called Power Over Addiction. It is a 2 hour video of her course given in the jails and rehab centers, with a workbook that allows personal responses from the student as he applies this information to his own life. It guides the addict to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing and forgiveness. It helps the addict grow closer to Jesus, and take on His character. As he grows closer to Jesus, the addict comes to take on His character, His courage, and His strength. He can defeat his addiction by the power of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Holley has also recorded a videotape for use in public schools and other secular settings called "The High is a Lie" It is designed for the 9th grade health class, with a teacher's guide and associated literature, but can be used in 6th through 12th grade. It can also be used for employee education and professional development. It teaches the brain effects of methamphetamine, personality changes, and consequences of drug use. It includes animation, drama, music, photos, and includes some live footage of an interview with a young man who struggled with methamphetamine addiction, a man named Jim.

Jim was Dr. Holley's youngest brother. He was 22 years old when he became addicted to methamphetamine and he was 24 years old when it killed him. Jim killed himself on the 4th of July, 2000 because of the delusions he suffered as a result of his meth addiction. About 6 months before Jim committed suicide, he came over to his sister Dr. Holley's house. He wanted to talk. And what he had to say was so important it had to be put on TV. So Dr. Holley's husband recorded it as an interview on the family video camera. Years later, this footage was incorporated into the High Is a Lie video. Dr. Holley explains how meth causes hallucinations, and then Jim has a hallucination. She explains how this drug is addictive the first time it is used, and Jim says, "I'll never get back what I lost that night." The video closes with a visit to Jim's grave.

One of the inmates Dr. Holley spoke to years ago, Paul Rogers, is an artist with a heart for the addict, and a love for Jesus Christ. He drew a series of pictures with the goal of warning young people away from drug abuse. When he got out of jail, he hitch hiked up to Dr. Holley’s office and gave her his portfolio of pictures, and signed over copyrights to her. He also drew illustrations for her booklets, which were under construction at that time. We have made those pictures into a series of posters and t-shirts that we use for fundraising for this ministry.

The sale of merchandise does not cover the costs of printing and distributing the literature we provide. We need your financial help and the support of your church.

Dr. Holley founded Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine using her own funds and current income from her medical practice. She has invested $400,000+ in this venture. She is no longer practicing medicine because of nerve damage in her right hand. Mothers is now completely dependent on donations for its support. Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine is incorporated with a 9 member board of directors, a CPA, and an attorney. Financial statements can be provided upon request. Please consider helping us with this ministry.

Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine offers a Christian response to the drug problem that seems so overwhelming to us. Jesus Christ does have power over addiction, and we can teach the hurting people around us to know Him and love Him.

We need to come together as a Christian community to bring help and healing to families that are devastated by drug abuse in all its forms, but a special effort is needed in the case of crystal meth-amphetamine. It is so potent and so dangerous; we can’t wait until ‘somebody else’ does it for us. Our community will be destroyed by this drug while we’re waiting.

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