Georgia Chapters

SEGA M.A.M.A Mama's Love & Gods Grace

Regina Hunter
Rt. 2 Box 270
Browntown Rd.
Waynesville, GA, 31566

Area of Emphasis: Community Education, outreach ministry, educating the communities Chapter Information: i am a mother who has experienced the distruction of the drug meth. My heart goes out to any family that has indured the wrath of this drug. Mom the survivor and God the saviour!!! Let God be in control!!!

GAP (God Answers Prayer)
Support Group Meetings held weekly Mondays 7pm Rt 3 Box 516 Hortense, Ga. 31543

We want to empower our communities by education and building bridges of love and compassion to the addicts and their families. We provide educational programs about meth and all drugs. We believe knowlege is power!! We encourage our youth and children to make the right choices. We strive to make our communites a safer place raising awareness about clandestine labs. We provide a referral service and recovery meetings.
Family support groups are available for those in need of guidence and hope. God has burdened our hearts for the addicts and their families!!

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