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Mothers Against Methamphetamine would like to have studies conducted on> the High is a Lie curriculum to establish it as an evidencebased'intervention. Professional studies of this nature are time consumingand expensive. To do it well would cost approximately $50,000. The sponsor for such a study would be recognized as a partner on future editions of The High is a Lie.


While we can educate students in school fairly directly, we have a much tougher time reaching the general population with the message of how harmful methamphetamine is. We would like to produce an educational program for employers to use in the workplace to train both supervisors and employees on the personal and workplace impact of methamphetamine. Ths cost to produce such a program, with training videos for both employees and supervisors, printed materials, and instructor manual would be approximately $50,000.


Mothers Agaisnt Methamphetamine is planning its first National Conference to be held in Dallas Texas in April. We anticipate gathering together various national experts in prevention and intervention to share ideas and expertise. We welcome corporate sponsors of this event and will provide display space for you. Since this is our first conference, we cannot predict attendance. We expect each chapter to send a representative. We will also promote the event nationally.

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