Our History- A statement by our Founder, Dr. Mary F. Holley

My brother Jim got hooked on crystal when he was 22 years old. He was trying to impress his girlfriend, show her what a man he was, and he was never the same after that first hit. He couldn’t keep a job, lost his apartment and moved back in with our mother.

One night he was at a party, and a guy at the party had a heart attack and died right next to Jim. Jim thought that because his fingerprints were on the flask he would be framed for the murder of this guy. He thought they were going to throw him in jail and the other inmates would rape him every day for the rest of his life. He wanted to run away to Mexico. Mom brought him to my house instead.

He lived with me for over a year. He was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and they put him on medications. He wouldn’t go to drug rehab; he thought he didn’t need it. Over the next few months he got a little better. He got less paranoid and anxious, started eating better and sleeping better. We let him get a job at a nearby factory.

His first day on his new job he met a dealer. He started using again and getting crazy again. He heard Satan speaking through my 2 year old. He got in trouble with the law and the night before his court date, he skipped town and went back to my mother’s house.

He made a suicide attempt and they put him in the hospital, but they would only keep him for the 72-hour emergency commitment. After that he had to sign the papers to stay in the hospital. He wouldn’t sign those papers! The drug dealers were in the hospital. They could read his mind. They were going to kill him.

Three weeks after he got out of the hospital he found a gun at my uncles house and he blew his brains out on the 4th of July 2000. He was 24 years old.

After he died, I started looking into it as a physician, as a scientist. What is this drug that destroyed his life in just 2 years? What I found out appalls me. Science knows how methamphetamine works. We know what it does to the chemistry in the brain. But nobody was translating this stuff into plain English so everybody else can understand.

I founded Mothers Against Meth as a greiving family member, and as a physician. We incorporated in 2002 and are a 501-C3 non-profit with chapters all over the United States and two foreign counties. We have books and videos for all age groups, and an abundance of information on this website.

I have been teaching this material now for many years, mostly in jail and probation settings, to people with a 6th grade education. Look around on this site and let me teach you what I teach them. You will be appalled.

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