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Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine Chapters

Mothers Against Methamphetamine chapters are springing up all over the world. Anyone can start a Mothers chapter in any community, and you don't even have to be a mother. We are a Christian organization, bringing the mercy of Jesus Christ to the challenge of methamphetamine addiction. You can join us and educate your community, reach out to your local schools, minister in your local jails, and sponsor educational seminars as a local out reach of Mothers Against Methamphetamine.

Most Mothers chapters are started by non-professionals, often the family members of addicts, as a way of reaching their communities with scientifically accurate and spiritually aware information about methamphetamine addiction. Mothers Against Methamphetamine can also be incorporated into an existing drug education or rehabilitation organization if you agree to our mission, goals and statement of faith.

To start a chapter, download a chapter handbook and application and see how easy it is. Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent a full chapter training manual and documents to complete and return to mothers. When your documentation is complete, your chapter will be added to the list of Mothers Chapters on our website and you will be added to our group 501-C3 exemption.

Chapter training is available from Dr. Mary Holley, Founder of Mothers Against Methamphetamine. She can travel to your community to assist you in community assessment and program planning. The training is free, but you must pay her travel expenses. We also offer chapter training at our annual conference.

Registered chapters are eligible to purchase Mothers' books and videos at wholesale prices for resale to schools, churches and corporations.

Videos are $18 each for chapters and retail for $34.95
Books are $12 each for chapters and retail for $19.95
T-Shirts are $1.00 each for chapters and retail for $2.50- $5.00
Posters are $.25 each for chapters and retail for $1.00
Peace In Your Home $3.00 for Chapters and retail is $5.95
Christian Pamphlets are discounted for chapters $.12 each or $12.00 per 100.
Secular Pamphlets are discounted for chapters $.17 each or $17.00 per hundred.
MAMA wrist bands are $.80 for chapter and retail for $1.00
MAMA logo polos and sweatshirts are $20.00
Power Over Addiction workbooks are discounted for chapters Lot box of 50 for $100.

Please call in your order for materials at chapter prices to 256-498-6262

Have you started a Mothers chapter?
All chapters are required to carry liability insurance in their state.

Chapter Handbook 2010 Chapter Articles of Association Chapter Authorization Form
Chapter statement of faith Chapter Quarterly Report Chapter checklist
Chapter Limited Liability Statement Chapter Application Chapter Training Manual
  2011 Parents Workbook  
A Chapter Training Manual is available by calling 1-866-293-8901.

Registered Chapters of Mothers Against Methamphetamine


North Carolina Chapters

Public education
Angela Turner
133 Southerland Rd
Albertson NC 28508
Click here for more information.
Georgia Chapters

SEGA M.A.M.A Mama's
Love & Gods Grace

Regina Hunter
Rt. 2 Box 270
Browntown Rd.
Waynesville, GA, 31566
Click here for more information.
Indiana Chapter

Indiana chapter of
Mothers Against Methamphetamine

Jason Underhill
8359 W. Emerald Dr.
French Lick, In. 47432
Click here for more information.
Texas Chapters

Panhandle Plains Chapter
Jody Jones
3405 Western - Suite 204
Amarillo, TX, 79109
Click here for more information.
Missouri Chapters

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
Sedalia Chapter

Claudia Kays
MARSHALL MO 65340-1822

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
Opening Doors to Recovery

Donna Barbrow

Click here for more information.

New Mexico Chapters

State District Office for MAMA
Director is Linda Pena
P.O. Box 15208
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Click here for more information.

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